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The Bicycle Shop Storefront


Whether you're just starting out, or have been riding for years, we want to welcome you to our store and our bicycle family!  As Brantford's destination for all things cycling since 1969, we have the Bikes, Gear, and Service to keep you rolling! 

We look forward to meeting you - Let's Roll!   


We are accepting repairs at this time! 

We are also accepting Warranty Repairs and Flat Tire Changes daily - As space /time allows  

Spring 2022 Update


Masks are Mandatory inside all businesses in Brantford - If you are unable to wear a mask for whatever reason, curbside, email, and phone assistance is available, otherwise ring the doorbell and we will assist you from the parking lot. Thank You!

New Bicycles - Well as we head into spring, we are still in the midst of a Global Bicycle Shortage, and we along with our suppliers (and most other shops) are still running low on many bicycles -While we do have bicycles arriving in store, many we receive or expect to receive are already sold before they even arrive. If you're interested in getting a bicycle, please reach out via Email or visit us instore and we will let you know if there is availability for the model(s) you are interested in.  Unfortunately due to incredibly high demand and circumstances well beyond our control, there will not be a lot of "open stock" available for browsing for the 2022 bicycle season.  

Shop Early for Best Selection!

Continue to sanitize your hands lets help keep Brantford Healthy! :) - Thank You!  

What's Happening @ The Bicycle Shop?

  • Gear Check! - Time to check out your gear!  Has you gear has been sitting over the winter? Now is a great time to inspect it and see what might need replacing for this season!  Re-stock your seatbag, try on your clothes and make a note of what will get you through the season and what won't. Pay close attention to Helmets! They should be replaced every 5-7 Years (or more frequently if you ride a lot!)  We've got lots of new styles in-store to recommend - Drop by and check out our recommendations and see what's new
  • Share your Spring Cycling Photos and Season Goals with us on Instagram 



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