How To Find the Perfect Fit

Whether you ride on road or off, pedal casually or competitively; bicycling is most comfortable and efficient when your bike and components are adjusted to fit your body correctly.

We take care to ensure that your new bike is sized to you. As you develop as a cyclist, maintain your equipment and travel with your bicycle, however, your adjustments and needs may change and require fine-tuning.

To help, we've put together some guidelines for checking and perfecting your fit. They work for most bikes (assuming you're on the right-size bicycle and not trying to fit a too-small or too-large model you purchased at a yard sale, for example).

Keep in mind that these are only some guidelines, If you're experiencing a problem that you can't fix at home, drop in at the Shop and we'll be happy to help you out! 

Get a Professional Fitting...Ride Better!!Tara experiencing the fit procedure with Dr. Mark Timmerman at our Professional Fit Certification class 

(Terry & Tara are both certified in Professional Road and Triathlon Bicycle Fitting)

Click on the images below for complete details on each fitting step.

 Professional Bicycle Fittings

These fittings extend beyond a normal sizing! They will analyze various aspects specific to the rider including: 

-Body Type - Flexibility - Alignment - Overall Positioning - etc. 

These are precision fits, using the same tools and techniques professional cyclists use.  That being said, you don't have to be a professional to benefit from a proper bicycle fit, our most frequent fits are average cyclists on regular bicycles looking to improve their comfort, handling and efficency while cycling!

E-mail Us or Stop By to Get More Information or to Schedule an Appointment to get Fit!

Step 2: Adjust Seat Height