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Our COVID-19 Strategy

(Updated April 2021)

The Bicycle Shop's Current Operating Procedures during Covid-19

We are NOT allowing instore shopping currently as per shutdown protocols as mandated by the Ontario Government.  We are offering curbside pickup / drop off, and will continue to do so, until we are able to safely allow customers instore once again.  If you are visiting the store for a pickup, or a drop off please continue to maintain appropriate distancing outdoors and wear a mask.

  Thank You!    

REPAIRS - Please Follow the Procedure Below for Service

- Arrive at the store with your Bicycle - Please ensure your bicycle is reasonably clean before drop off.  - When you Arrive, Park your Bicycle in the Drop Off Zone - Ring the Doorbell and wait for a staff member to assist you. 

- We will book your Item in for Repair, outside, from a distance - Please Do Not Leave Until a Staff Member has collected your Bike.  - If we have concerns during the repair process we will reach you via phone and discuss.

- We will contact you when the item is ready for pickup and to arrange payment - Contactless payment is preferred.  

- Pickup Procedures mirror Drop-Off - Ideally phone ahead and we will have your bicycle waiting safely for you - Ring Doorbell and wait for someone to assist you - We will coordinate payment with you and bring your bicycle out to you and provide your receipt. - Feel free to pre-pay for your bicycle before you arrive via Credit Card over the Phone, or via E-transfer (we do ask if you are sending an E-Transfer to do so about 20-30 minutes before you arrive, so it clears the system before you pickup...and you're not left waiting!)    

**While we maintain a diverse inventory of products on hand, some products or suppliers are not shipping as per their usual methods, so there may be delays associated with that. We will keep you posted if needed.

SALES - We are Operating with Curbside Pickup Only at the present time. 

- If you are interested in purchasing an item, please give us a call, or send us an email and we can coordinate a curbside pickup for you.  If you are unable to reach out in those methods, we do have doorbell curbside pickup available, you will have to wait outside or in your vehicle while we prepare your order.  Ring the Doorbell when you arrive and we will help you as soon as we can.  Please wear a mask when you arrive to pickup your order.    

- There is still a Global Bicycle Shortage that is continuing to affect the 2021 season.  While we do have limited bicycles in stock, we are not anticipating having any Open Stock available for the 2021 season, and the bulk of our backorders that are slated for delivery this season are already Pre-Sold.  We do have a backorder list started for some bicycles, most new models are now currently backordering into 2022/23. If you would like to get a bike, please reach out to us as soon as possible via Email explaining what you're looking for, including your (or the riders) height, and inseam measurement and we will provide availability, ETAs, and/or get your name on a bicycle we have coming in.  

 We are still receiving a high volume of phone calls, and we may not be able to return your voicemail as quickly as we would like.  Consider sending an email instead if that is the case.  

Have a QUESTION or Need ADVICE?  

We are 100% committed to offering the same high level of friendly service as usual, it’s as weird for us as it is for you! Please feel free to Call us and Email Us, we are here to help! If you get the answering machine directly when you call it means we’re on the phone helping someone else, consider emailing instead, we are able to return emails more efficiently during business hours than voicemail messages.

We appreciate everyone's understanding and we hope that we can continue to accommodate our customer needs while we weather this pandemic.  We want to keep as many of you cycling in the meantime to keep you mentally and physically fit during this new environment we’re dealing with.  We will change this protocol back to our usual programming as soon as it is safe to do so!

Stay healthy and strong, we are all in this together!  

Thank you for your continued support, patience and patronage while we manage this  very strange time!